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  • What if my jacket doesn't fit?
    All sales are final for custom pieces. I do recommend you try the jacket on before finalizing size and fit. Specific instructions are given about the blank-jackets that will be purchased and from what company before your order gets worked on.
  • Can I use a jacket that I already have?
    Unfortunately, no. As jackets get worn the denim also starts to break down. This does not provide the best canvas for creating a design and placement becomes compromised.
  • Do I have to provide the jacket?
    No, your jacket will be created and purchased for your order. You will just need to provide size, style and wash.
  • How long will my jacket take?
    Typically turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks. Need it faster? There is a way to get it under 2 weeks, however it does come with a "jump" fee. A “jump” fee ($75) means that your order will jump to the front of the line. This fee is in addition to the cost of your item but you will get your jacket in 2 weeks or less, excluding shipping time.
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